Monday, October 10, 2011

Bouncing into Sunday Night at KidMin Conference

Gina McClain spoke at tonight's session and she was fantastic.
Here is a bit of what she shared.

Sometimes you need someone out of your context to give you perspective.

Why do we wake up and put on labels of failures everyday? God says my mercy is renewed every morning.

John 4 - The woman at the well was met where she was. You can too.

We can't run unhindered in ministry until we sit at the feet of Christ & drink deep from the well.

What's your label? child of God-anointed by God-new creation-reconciled-holy-redeemed-child of God-chosen by God?

There is one label to keep. I am the one whom Jesus loves.

What fell at the feet of Christ was every label that people had placed on her and that she had placed on herself.

The truth that we share is the same truth. We just package it in a different way. The message? Jesus loves you.

We tell kids "God loves you" so much but we don't hear it for ourselves.

Sara Groves also performed.
Here is one of the songs I really like of hers.

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