Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not My Child

Sometimes as parents we can arrogantly believe this statement "Not my child." I mean come on we take them to church every week, we have gazillion talks about doing the right thing, we have family devotions, we pray with them, and so on. Why wouldn't we think that?

The problem with that thinking is that we completely ignore the fact that even with a spiritual foundation, our children will still be tempted to sin and will at some point give in to that temptation. We are all sinners and our children are no different.

Yes we are constantly teaching them about resisting sin, but are we teaching them about repentance? Do they know what to do when they are sorry for what they have done? Do they know how to go to God and confess and ask for forgiveness? Do they know that grace and forgiveness are available to them?

Thinking about these questions and more have led me to change the statement "Not my child." to a question "Why not my child?" This is leading to a whole new set of conversations with my sons.

How are you teaching repentance to your children?
How are you teaching it in children's ministry?

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