Monday, June 13, 2011

The Almighty Bible - A Review

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to share the Bible with my boys and other kids in children's ministry. I was recently blessed with an opportunity to review The Almighty Bible and share it with my family. I am super excited to share with you all as well.

The Almighty Bible is divided into separate books for each chapter of the Bible. They are beautifully (my boys would say "awesomely cool") drawn biblically accurate graphic novels. Each page has not only the pictures but the stories below with referenced scripture. You see The Almighty Bible isn't meant to replace the usual Bibles that we have, but is meant to be used as a tool to get kids interested in reading those Bibles.

But it doesn't stop there.
They also have an iPad app that is a fantastic way to engage kids in a new and exciting way.

And yes there's more and I have to tell you that this was my favorite part of what I checked out with my boys.

To go along with The Almight Bible there is The Almighty Bible Club. When you join the club, you are given a mission. Along the way you will need to use virtual trading cards that you earn points to buy. You earn these points by spending time in your Prayer Garden or by reading the books of the Bible and passing the challenges. You can also earn points in the game room which has word searches and Bible trivia games. My favorite place was the Prayer Garden. This is a place for kids to plant seeds of prayer, keep a journal, and even mark when their prayers are answered. What a great way to encourage kids in their prayer lives!

I am really excited about what The Almighty Bible team is doing!

You can check out everything they have to offer here:

and check out the club here:

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