Friday, May 20, 2011

My Miracle Shirt Experience

After doing some cleaning around the house a few weeks ago, I needed to go to WalMart to pick up a few things. So of course because I've been cleaning, I needed to change clothes. So I get my jeans and a tshirt thinking that it's purple so that works for me. (yes I love purple lol)

So I get to WalMart and end up instead of picking up just a few things I do our weekly grocery shopping. Why not since I'm there anyway. So this takes me all over the store and back to the checkout.

So as I am standing in line talking to the gentleman in front of me, I turn and see a woman looking at me and I say hello. She then says, "I wasn't done reading your shirt. I have been following you through the store trying to read it." So I oblige her and turn around so she can finish reading what is on the back of my shirt.

Once she's done she says "I needed a miracle." Then it hits me. I'm wearing My Miracle shirt from a series we did at The Gathering and on the back of my shirt it says "Do you know anyone who needs a miracle?"

The woman then tells me how she lost her home and everything she owned in a fire this past January. Then a month later she had an accident hitting a deer and her car was totaled. After each of these stories she said "But God blessed me and I wasn't hurt."

She then went on to say how lonely she was before these things happened. She felt as if no one cared about her and was praying for a miracle. She said that her church family was that miracle. They opened up the church parsonage and moved her in to live there. Someone from the church is rebuilding her home and only charging her for the supplies needed. She said that her church family has loved on her so well that she is already looking forward to blessing someone else like she has experienced.

Her miracle isn't only a new home, but a new lease on life and the all the things that are possible when you believe that God still does miracles.

Before we parted ways she thanked me for stopping to listen to her and how blessed she was to have met me. I told her that it is me who was blessed by her and her story. I asked her if I could pray with her and we stood in the checkout line praying together and thanking God for all He has done.
I have to tell you that it was a God moment for me.

Do you know someone who needs a miracle?
I would love to hear about it and join you in praying for them.

Have you experienced a miracle?
I would love to hear about that as well so I can thank God for it with you.

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