Thursday, October 28, 2010

Along the Way

As I begin this new journey in my children's ministry adventure, I am so excited to lead the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls in KidzPlayce at The Gathering. These Thursday posts are part of my journey along the way.

As a small group leader I have an opportunity to witness leaders in the making. In every small group you will have kids that will answer the questions, participate in worship, etc. The kids that I am talking about are more than that. They are the ones that go above participating and just shine. They are also the ones that mentor others in the group. Taking others by the hand and just loving them like only they can.

One of the girls this past week exemplified what I am talking about. She had celebrated her birthday the day before and had brought money for offering. When she noticed that not all the girls in the group had something to give, she took her money and divided it up between them. They all went forward to give offering together.

I feel especially blessed to see everything happening in our small group of girls. I am seeing not only the connections being made but a real love being shared. These leaders are a big part of that. I just can't wait to see all God is going to do in and through these girls. 

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