Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talking Tweens

As I begin this new journey in my children's ministry adventure, I am so excited to get involved with the 4th and 5th grade girls in KidzPlayce at The Gathering. I have been researching and reading everything I can get my hands on geared toward preteens or "tweens" and came across this fantastic website

What really hooked me was how they compare preteen ministry to the moment when teaching a child to ride a bike that we let go and run alongside supporting and encouraging them.

FourFiveSix answers the question of what this looks like for leaders in preteen ministry this way,

"Instead of simply teaching them by providing the right information, we support them by allowing them to learn for themselves. Instead of simply telling preteens how their faith affects their life, we create environments and resources where they can continue discovering it. Instead of giving them all the answers about God, Jesus, the Bible, and the rest of life, we invite them to voice their own questions and even offer their own answers. Instead of telling them what they should be doing, we create opportunities to discover how God is calling them to bring God’s kingdom to life in the world."

They have a listing of preteen ministries in the US and Canada which is a great way to connect with others. They also have a resource page which includes everything from books to curriculum.

You can also connect with FourFiveSix on Facebook here:

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