Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is That All You've Got?

Today was fantastic! Today was mind blowing! Today was powerful!
Notice something in those sentences...the word "was."
You see today is almost over.

My mind has already moved on from today and started thinking about next week. I am praying for all the people that made decisions to follow Christ today, but I am also praying for the ones that may come through the doors next week and the week after.

Shouldn't we be meeting in prayer each week like we did for this week? Shouldn't we be planning each week like we did for this week? Shouldn't we be loving on people each week like we did for this week?

See Easter isn't just a once a year thing. It's an every day thing. Jesus didn't just rise for only one of our days. He rose again for ALL of our days. My thought is that life is just way too short to have a "Superbowl of Sundays" and leave it at that.

Pastor Steven Furtick said ealier this past week, "Do what God has called you to do like lives depend on it...because they do!" That is what we need to be thinking each week. Everything we do...lives depend on time to waste!

So is that all you've got?

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