Sunday, March 28, 2010

God Moments

Have you ever have a moment when you could feel God's presence? I am so blessed to have experienced a few over the weekend with my family.

Saturday night as we were driving in the car, I tuned into a discussion that AJ was having with Zachary in the backseat. AJ was sharing Bible stories with him. The same stories that Donnie and I have shared with him even before Zachary was born. AJ was telling Zachary the story of Joseph and his brothers and truly engaged him in the conversation. I could tell as Zachary began to ask questions that AJ so lovingly answered. I was overwhelmed in that moment...that God moment.

Today I served with my family at the Summit. Zachary was off to Summit Kidz, but Donnie, AJ, Conner, and I all volunteered in different areas. AJ and Conner loved being a part of what is happening at The Summit. You see this was the first time that we all served together and the first time that Conner served. Afterwards as Conner and I were talking about his experience today, he shared about being able to welcome people to The Summit as a "greeter for Jesus." I was overwhelmed in that moment...that God moment.

I am thankful today for the God moments. I am blessed by one.

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