Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Mother to Another

"Do you ever wonder how we will know when He is more than a child? Will it be something He says? A look in His eye?" -Mary ("The Nativity Story")

As Christmas approaches, I have been thinking alot about Mary.

As expectant mothers, we all had our own share of anxieties, concerns, and doubts. Now add the fact that Mary was the mother of the Savior of the world. How is that for some added pressure?

Was she nervous about the delivery? Did she realize that Joseph would be the one to deliver Him? How overwhelming was it when the shepherds and wise men came unexpectedly? That was just the beginning.

Once everyone else went to sleep that night, did she stay up wondering how in world was she going to raise the Messiah? Did she think about years down the road?

The mother in me has always been drawn to her and what life must have been like for her. How wonderful and yet difficult at the same time.

During this time of year, I am joyously celebrating the birth of Jesus and also the life of His mother. What an incredible story of faith and love for God!

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