Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jump out of the boat or get out of the way!

So yesterday starts out like any other day or so I thought. Get up early, have my quiet time with God, get the boys off to school, and then off to work I go. Had no idea what God had in store for the day.

In the room I work in there are cubicles and several of us work in that room. We usually talk over the walls about things happening in our lives, tv shows we watch, current events, oh and of course work LOL. I am very blessed to work with a sister in Christ and we can have some really interesting discussions about the Bible and what we are reading. First thing in the morning we had a discussion about Adam and Eve that another coworker joined into. So the morning goes on just as it does every day except I start to have this feeling that it isn't that same kind of day. The kind of feeling that makes you antsy and can't sit still.

So I head over to the cubicle and join into a conversation regarding the justice system and compassion for the victims families. Not a casual conversation, but not quite as serious as what was to come for sure.

Next thing you know we are discussing the following topics (hold on to your hats folks - we moved from topic to topic really quick):

Some sin is worse than others
Earning your way into heaven by being a good person
Losing your salvation
treasures in heaven
formation of the church
praying to the saints
the 1000 year reign

Whew! And I don't think I got all of them.There were alot of questions asked of my sister and I during that time and we both took notes on the entire conversation. Needless to say my sister and I had some serious Bible study to do last night. I spent the night with several Bibles, a concordance,, several other books, and a few notebooks. What a challenge and a gift God gave us- the opportunity to witness.

So knowing what happened yesterday I had an expectancy today. I knew in my heart that God was saying to me "Jump out of the boat or get out of the way!" So of course I am all in for whatever He has planned. I go to work with my Bible, my notes, and a gift Bible for one of my coworkers. She had said the day before that she really doesn't read her Bible as she doesn't understand it (KJV). Now I had just happened to buy a Bible (NIV) a few weeks prior and had no idea why. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! This is why. I left it on her desk not knowing if she would take offense or if she would even read it.

My sister and I continue on the conversation from the day before with our scripture ready. I had asked several people to pray as I knew that God was doing His work at my work. Out come the Bibles and you could feel the Holy Spirit. This conversation wasn't as long, but what happened next was such a God moment for me. My sister comes to tell me that the coworker that I gave the Bible to asked her to show her how to find the verses we had been talking about. And asked what the red lettering meant which gave my sister the opportunity to explain Jesus speaking. I sat in my cubicle thanking God and weeping for joy for my coworker who is also my friend. I am praying for her as I hope you will too. She has opened the door a crack and that is all it takes for God to let His light in.

A friend has asked me the past few weeks to pray for revival. I saw a glimpse of that the past few days. I told that friend today that I am still antsy. I still have that feeling of restlessness. I know that is God preparing me. Preparing me for the revival. I am so ready for it. Ready for God to use me.
Want to jump out of the boat with me? Jump out or get out of the way!

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