Thursday, July 16, 2009

So today was a day of reflection most of the day on some issues that I need to work on. But then late in the day I realized something mostly by accident in a conversation I was having with a friend. Everything I was sharing was about me. How it effected me. Wow! Light bulb moment! Is any of this really about me? I actually made the comment that at some point it has to stop being about me and then continued on more about me. Seriously? So while I got part of the lesson earlier in the day, I was still focusing on the wrong thing.

Focus. Most who know me have seen that focus can be a challenge for me. I would definitely say that I have a short attention span at times. I am a high energy person who likes to stay busy and on the move. Did I move right past the lesson I was supposed to learn? Did I lose focus during the important part? I sure did.

It is so not about me. It is about what God is doing. In my family, friends, and my church. I realized it a bit late in the day, but I got it finally. Our God is a mighty God doing a mighty work each and every day. And it is time for me to stop focusing on me, and step up to what God is asking me to do during this time. Am I ready? Oh yeah! Focused on God!

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